Charitable Entities

Non-profits, tax-exempts, private foundations, public charities. Schools, associations, endowments, other charitable entities. We help with all of these.

“They got our public charity through IRS in an unheard-of 30 days, after calling IRS’ attention to some favorable upcoming TV coverage which potential donors nationwide could see.“


“Creating a family foundation was a key part of our post-nuptial planning. Fox+Mattson PC took us quickly through the steps with an eye on qualifying as tax-exempt, how it’s to operate, and the non-tax philanthropic reasons to set up a foundation.”


“George Fox and associates imbue their work with true loving-kindness. I have worked with them on more than one project and I see the kindness, professionalism and care throughout each interaction.  Their breadth of knowledge is impressive and they think critically and creatively at every turn. So often, dealing with the legality of any organization is stressful and/or boring, George and his crew made the work into an exploration of possibilities and help bring full understanding and confidence to my endeavors.”

     –Laurence Rosenthal, Rabbi, Ahavath Achim Synagogue

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