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If you’re a business, the Secretary of State has a notice for you. Maybe. But so does a scam.

The good: It’s time to complete and file your Annual Registration with the Georgia Secretary of State. If your corporation or LLC was formed in Georgia or is registered with the Georgia SOS,  you have until April 1st to complete the annual registration process for that company.

Watch for an email or regular mail from the SOS reminding you to complete the registration and pay your annual fee.

The bad: You may not get that email or letter or postcard. But the obligation to file remains. If you don’t, there are penalties, and if you go without filing long enough, the SOS will dissolve your business.  What this means: you may think you have liability protections and tax breaks, but you won’t.)

So if you haven’t received the SOS’ email or regular mail, write us and we’ll send you the link so you can do the renewal.

The ugly: Beware of an official-looking envelope from a company with “IMPORTANT-OPEN IMMEDIATELY. Information Enclosed: Ga. Code Ann Sec. 14-11-1103” written on the front.

The envelope contains a notice which looks very similar to what you see on the official paper forms from the Secretary of State’s office. And  It offers to file your annual registration for you – which you can easily do yourself – for a $75 “Processing Fee” on top of the Secretary of State’s fee of $50.00.

You don’t need this at all; filing the annual registration is easy enough. So please DO be on the lookout for the real notice from Secretary of State of Georgia, and DO file your official annual registration with the Secretary of State, using their online process. Just don’t be fooled into buying a service you don’t need from someone who may or may not actually file your annual registration once they have your check.

(By the way, you don’t need to wait to get the Secretary of State’s notice. You can complete your registration on the Secretary of State’s website in five minutes or less. All you need is your company name and a credit card.)